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Genesis General Partnership Fund and its General Partner, Genesis Financial Group, Inc. (30 years of experience in acquiring, managing and selling commercial office buildings fully leased to the Government of the United States) registered a  US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) private placement offering of US $50.000.000 designed for pension and retirement funds which are not USA residents.  The Partnership Fund’s cash flow will be generated from long-term non-cancellable lease contracts secured by the full faith and credit of the Federal Government of the United States. Invested funds will generate income immediately after being cleared by InterClear.  Dividends on the corporate stock will be paid quarterly.

This private offering is made with a registration filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission under Rule 506(c) of the Securities Act of 1933 on 28 July 2023.

The investment consists of two already acquired Social Security office buildings and the acquisition of additional leased office buildings fully occupied by agencies of the Federal Government of the United States with non-cancelable, long-term leases (8-15 years).

This offering is ISIN registered and listed in the Bloomberg database so that investors have access to the periodic reports of the performance of the investment in addition to the reports provided monthly by the General Partner.  For qualified pension and retirement funds, the dividend revenue is tax free in the USA and is tax free in Costa Rica.  All the terms of this offering are stated in the Private Placement Memorandum with accompanying Stock Subscription Application which supersede this Summary.

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