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A 35-year veteran of business ownership, Ms. Bear is the founder of Bearings Advisory, and a licensed real estate broker. She has managed 100’s of transactions, over $1 billion in gross, for pension funds and high net worth individuals alike. From “The Forbes 100 wealthiest Americans” to institutional clients in Spain, Germany and other countries, Ms. Bears’ clientele and reputation constitute her most valued professional credentials and priorities.

Since 1999, she has chosen to specialize exclusively in acquiring, developing, ownership and brokerage of only the most assured income producing properties in all commercial realty: Those leased solely to U.S. federal government agencies, located throughout the United States. Ms. Bear taps decades of higher education and her experience in the federal space, beginning in 2001, on behalf of Genesis International (GI) and Genesis Financial Group, Inc. (GFG).

To provide a strategic advantage in her niche, Ms. Bear curated a proprietary national network of relationships with government developers and federal tenants. These range from the FBI and DEA to Customs, NASA, Homeland Security, Peace Corps, Environmental Protection, the Departments of Justice and of Transportation, to name only a few. Ms. Bear was thereby responsible for the delivery of over 50% of the federal properties that comprised the historical-first IPO of a publicly registered, 100% federal building REIT onto the New York Stock Exchange in 2004.

In 2005, Ms. Bear began, in Europe, to assist in the co-founding of Genesis International, LLC. Since its founding, European funds as large as 5 Billion Euros have invested in U.S. federal buildings through Genesis International: nearly 100M Euros were invested in federal buildings through Genesis International in just its first year.

In 2006, Ms. Bear was part of the original team which introduced Genesis Financial Group, Inc. (GFG) into Latin America via relationships she had formed with the former President of Costa Rica. Her ongoing efforts continue to provide a truly sound investment option to funds, institutions and individuals seeking to diversify into the highest credit and security of real estate investment income that is being paid by any lease guarantor: The U.S. Government boasts the longest and the most reliable record of paying rent of any tenant in the world.

Ms. Bear is a graduate of Goddard, Vermont with a BA in Organizational Behavior. She is currently a member of The Federal Government Contractors Group and the GSA PBS Industry Relations Group. She holds a Michigan real estate license as well as a Washington real estate brokers license.

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