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Property/Asset Management
Property/Asset Management

Successful asset and property management require strategic planning, the ability to respond tactically to daily challenges and the capacity to report accurately and promptly.

The extraordinary affiliation Genesis Financial holds with developers and maintenance professionals local to its properties results in solid decision-making, twenty-four hour service response capability, close monitoring of special project completion, and nationwide reach. Customer Satisfaction Surveys of the Gallup Organization, commissioned by the US General Services Administration (GSA), consistently rate Genesis Financial in the top 10 percent for superior performance.

Genesis Financial offers a menu of ancillary financial and analytical asset management services, assuring maximum income stream over the life of any investment.

Genesis Financial facilities management and accounting personnel, as well as on-site property staff work as a cohesive team to continually exceed owner and tenant expectations. For more than 15 years, Genesis Financial has demonstrated a clear commitment and proven proficiency in exceptionally managing government leased office and industrial properties.


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